Tatlock Yarns presents a new range of hand-dyed colours on ultra-fine merino yarn from Fibreworks. Appropriate for knitting, crochet, weaving, felting and other textile projects.

Fibreworks, a well established textile dyeing business, providing textile artists with unique hand-dyed yarns and fibres for more than 30 years. www.fibreworks.net.au 

The Colours of Australia in our environment influence the choice of colour combinations with three main areas of significance:

1. Flinders Island, situated in Bass Strait, Tasmania, my birthplace and still a strong family connection. Wild beauty, woolly climate, deserted pristine beaches, spectacular mountain ranges and forests, lichen covered boulders and sea-shells.

2. Gariwerd (Grampians) and Victoria. Current location, rugged sandstone ranges, eucalyptus forest and banksias, ironbark forests of central Victoria and volcanic features of basaltic plains of SW Victoria.

3. Australian Wildflowers, stunning vibrant colours that have inspired artists world wide.

The Yarn. Ultra- fine Saxon Merino yarn grown for warmth, lustrous but gentle feel, minimal irritation, elasticity of fibre ensures better drape and lasting ability to retain its shape.The wool is grown and processed from Bellevue Park farm in the Snowy Mountains of NSW in the most sustainable and ethical manner possible. www.bellevuepark.com.au  Luxurious, soft squishy yarn, lace weight through to sports weight, suitable for garments, blankets, scarves, hats and gloves. No chemical treatment on the wool, hand wash only. Dyed with synthetic dyes. Please note that the photos are generally taken of 8ply yarn, but we hope to have the other plys - 2 & 4 ply - photographed soon.

Naturally dyed yarn may be available on request.

Thank you: Special thanks to Georgia, Hannah and Adelle for their expertise and patience in the development of this site.

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